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iPhone ICCID Code

iPhone ICCID Code
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iPhone ICCID Code
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Please do the following steps,
1. Insert your sim card  
2. Enter to Emergency call - Long press to home button and release ( Press right side button for Iphone X , XS and MAX)
3. Dial *5005*7672*iccid# 
    (If you gets, settings failed...or Success message .. restart the iphone, wait 2 min , then dial 
*5005*7672*iccid# )
4. Edit ICCID input
    Enter 20 digit NEW ICCID from above listed - If not listed, please email to  with order number, we will give you a new ICCID    

5. Send/ Accept
6. "Restart" your phone and activate your phone with "WiFi" 
7. It will work 100%