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Octoplus FRP Tool Activation

Octoplus FRP Tool Activation
Octoplus FRP Tool Activation
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Octoplus FRP Tool allows you to reset Google Factory Reset Protection (FRP) for Samsung, Huawei, LG, Alcatel, Motorola cell phones.

Samsung Reset FRP operations.

1. “Reset FRP UART (UFS chips)” operation. This operation will not reset/delete device user data.

To perform “Reset FRP UART (UFS chips)” operation, do the following steps:

  1. Put the phone in Download Mode (power off the phone, press and hold "Volume-" + "Home" + "Power ON" buttons) and connect USB cable.
  2. Press “Reset FRP UART (UFS chips)” button.
  3. After Software request disconnect USB cable and connect Samsung Micro UART cable.
  4. Press and hold “Volume-“ + “Power ON” keys for 15-20 seconds, Software will automatically close wizard window and will perform the reset FRP lock.
  5. Done.